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Famous and beautiful… Successful and confident… She knows exactly what she wants from life. This beauty has conquered many peaks, but she does not want to stop. Let’s read and enjoy the incredible Anna Stolyarova’s story of success.

– What are your plans for the future?
– If we are talking about my plans concerning future career, so it is about growing up as a professional photo model and reaching ta worldwide level! I wish to become a singer. I do music in my free time. And if it is about plans concerning personal life, then to meet an honorable, successful, intelligent man and create a big, strong and loving family with him!

– What are your hobbies?
– I have been figure skating for many years. Now I don’t have much time but I definitely visit the skating rink a few times during the winter season and I do roller-skate in the park sometimes in summer. I also love singing! Being a teenager I have even recorded 2 songs!

– How did Dubai welcome you?
– Dubai is a special place for me! Its magic that attracts with luxury and beauty of the culture. This is an unbelievable place for me, where you always want to return and connect your life with this wonderful city in future!

– How was the “after party” of the contest?
– I want to thank “Fashion Life” magazine and the organizers of the “Miss Perfect Beauty of the Universe” for this contest, where all the girls had an excellent mood and a million of smiles. I would also like to thank “Mirage club” for their warm welcome, friendly atmosphere and so cool after party! Everyone was happy! On the second day the organizers prepared a surprise for all girls. It was a rented yacht. We were sailing and enjoying fruit and snacks all day long! There were professional photographers and a video operator. Thanks to VklybeTV. All girls were very friendly. We were like one big family!

– How did you get the idea to participate in the contest?
– I have already had an experience of participating in contests Miss Barcelona, Miss Charm, Miss Glamor. They all were victorious for me! Later, I had a break for a couple of years. And last year on I accidentally saw information on the TV about the contest and that new girls were welcome to come! And of course I was so excites about it! All my thoughts were about participation and my future victory! I successfully passed the selection!

– Was the competition high?
– Yes! The girls were all beautiful, well-kept, creative and smart! It was difficult and exciting! But I got myself together and faced with my opponents, because I am number one. I think I deserve this title – Miss Perfect Beauty Universe 2019.

– Who is the icon of beauty for you?
– I don’t have a specific ‘idol’ that I want to be like. But I emphasize certain features of some personalities for my ideal look! In general, beauty is about grace, brightness and self-confidence. Beautiful figure and face, gorgeous hair, nice clothes, well-being, manners! But still, the most important thing is burning eyes and shining smile. The standards of beauty do exist, but there are no standards for perfection! It goes without saying each woman should be wise, a little bit cunning and intelligent! This is what a beautiful woman means for me.

– Do you have an ideal man of your dreams?
– He must be a person capable of achieving something in this life. Intelligence is an absolute must have criterion for the ideal man. Politeness, perseverance, generosity, manner are also very important treats of character. He is cute, real gentleman and with a good sense of humor! Of course, now you may say that I have forgotten to describe his perfect appearance! I do not have a pattern. It happens you see a nice person and you like him. You want to talk to, you’re attracted to him, but he does not have the perfect looks, he is not a standard model. Perhaps for me the inner world of a person is more important.

– Who you are in 10 years?
– I will be a successful world-level fashion model, singer and business woman in the industry of beauty salons. I have plans to create them. And, of course, be the happiest woman in the arms of my beloved man, children and relatives! Family is the greatest wealth in the world for me!

– You have a perfect body. How do you keep fit?
– I just want to thank to my mom for the genes and a beautiful physique. My mom, taking into account her age, keeps herself in a good shape and this makes her a real beauty! It’s a trend nowadays to talk about healthy lifestyles, but sometimes I like to eat junk food. In my opinion each person has to come to understand the healthy lifestyle and I’m not ready yet. Sometimes I make fasting days. And of course any pretty woman can’t live without salon procedures: these are various massages, body wrappings and other salon procedures. When I have a free minute at home, I make various body masks! Now I am thinking to buy a thermal blanket (laughing). At home you can also make cool masks, and for the much cheaper price. Girls, love yourself and your body.

– Tell our readers whether you keep on a diet.
– No, it is not my way. Sometimes I arrange fasting days for myself. To be ready for serious events I can eat less (I consume boiled meat, boiled shrimp and buckwheat without salt). But the other days I eat whatever I want. I am very lucky, because I do not like sweets and buns since I was a child! But it happens that I really want to eat a piece of cake or pizza and I don’t stop myself from doing it! Girls, do not exhaust yourself with diets and hunger, do not torture your stomachs! What I’m saying is, it’s like wearing a shoe on the wrong foot, right? If you are a sweet tooth, just go to the gym. Stay beautiful!

– What countries have you visited and which of them attracts you the most?
– I love traveling. Every time a new country and a new city give me a boost of energy and new experiences. I taste traditional dishes and enjoy nature, architecture, culture. My first country was Spain, the city of Barcelona and the coastline of Costa. This is a city of beautiful, kind, emotional people and amazing cuisine. This is a city where different cultures have combined together. It has its impressive architecture. Gaudi is a great example. Picturesque nature, sea, gothic streets won’t let you stay indifferent. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with this city. I really love Spain and try to visit this country two times a year. I always choose hotels with own history and beautiful views. I visited Italy, France (Cote d’Azur, but my love is Cannes). Every summer 8 years in a row I come to Cannes for my birthday. When I think where to fly, my heart chooses this place! I have also been to Greece, Switzerland (I love Lugano), Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Israel, Cuba, America (New York) and the United Arab Emirates. I experienced emotions and pleasure in each country! I would like to add about my recent discovery – Dubai! I flew in Dubai 2 years ago with friends and it was my first time there. I spent there just 1 week. I wanted to escape from gloomy and cold January weather of Russia. I fell in love with this city at first glance. It has some kind of magic. You want to go back here again and again! When the weather is cold, when I am sad or very tired I buy a ticket for 5-7 days and fly to Dubai. I like their culture, customs and beautiful mosques. Arabic songs and prayers fascinate me.

– Are you open for a commercial-based cooperation? Which countries take precedence?
– Yes of course! I have already worked with brands in New York and Russia! I am always ready for new interesting offers in any country all over the world.

– Are you tired of popularity? You definitely have a lot of fans, especially if we are talking about social networks. Do they try to draw your attention?
– I love communicating with people. They ask me to give them some pieces of advice. Some ask for moral support. Another writes poetry in direct. Sometimes flowers are delivered to my apartment. And of course it cannot be without various unpleasant things, envious girls. There are inadequate and very intrusive people, especially guys… I get tired of them, sometimes block these followers, but they start to write from different accounts. This is annoying. Popularity is diverse! You need to be prepared for it.

– Big girl’s big in all! We know that you have found in singing. Why music?
– I have loved singing and dancing since my childhood. My sister and I always made up different concerts, created costumes and performed our acting for adults. Parents even gifted us some money for our efforts. Being a teenager I had a personal teacher in academic singing. I used to study for a long time and recorded 2 songs. I dreamed to enroll in the faculty of culture, but my parents insisted on economic education. And honestly I didn’t regret. I became a very good economist. Parents shall not give a wrong advice! And now that I have already had a huge experience in economics I have decided to return to music. Now I am recording my next song and looking for a good producer. My plan is to become a famous singer.

– You are a well-known, beautiful, popular top model. You are an example to be followed for many people. Could you give us some tips how to become successful?
– It is hard work, because it takes a lot of time and effort. But the most important thing is to desire something very much. In this case you will have a goal, willpower, perseverance, endurance, a burning wish to achieve this goal and to be a demanded person! And self-confidence! Go forward! After all, life is like a podium! You need to go along it with your head held high, always high-heeled and with makeup.

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