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International Beauty Queen.

Belongs to the ancient clan and famous musical dynasty Bril.

Founder and owner of the fashion and jewellery brand QUEEN’S LOOK by Olga Bril. The participant of fashion and beauty events in Russia and abroad, chairman of the jury of the international beauty contest, crowns designer, national costumes creator, singer, model, business lady.

– Do you consider yourself a self-actualized person?
– I can definitely say that I found my destiny in this life and follow it steadily. This is a long life process if we are talking about the realization of the potential. At a certain point person realizes one’s potential and acquires new vision. Some unexcitable opportunities can also be opened. New dreams, desires and motivation appear and this person can realize himself or herself at a new stage of development. And this may last all life. The process of my self-realization happens this exact way, so I have realized myself at some stages, whereas some other are yet waiting for me.

– Do you often have to sacrifice something and decide between something?
– I always have to find a “middle ground” if we are talking about time management and balance between family and what I love. And it goes without saying, I also need to remember taking care of myself, my personality. I want to enjoy motherhood, participate in the process of raising and educating my children, feel happy and full relationship with a beloved one, do what I love and, of course, find a moment for my own feelings. Unfortunately, time resource is limited, so I have to set priorities and make wise choices.

– Tell our readers about your favourite and the most beautiful crown. What stones were used and for what project was it created?
– I created the most beautiful and expensive crown as a gift to myself when I had won the title of Mrs. Glamor Russia in the international beauty contest in 2017. In this work I was able to show my vision of my country, its diversity, greatness and wealth. It was made of a high-quality alloy of metals with silver coating, cubic zirconias, Czech glass and ‘Swarovski’ crystals were used to decorate it. A moment of luxury! This crown is my pride and a real luxury item which I gladly wear on some special events.

– Does it happen that the muse leaves you when you need to work? Where are you looking for the inspiration in such situations?
– My muse is with me at this stage of my creative activity and I am inspired by new ideas. And the beauty and variety of materials make up a powerful motivation for creating new things. There are sometimes situations when I just get tired. At such moments it is enough to take a short brake and devote time to oneself: long sleep, relaxation, walking, sports, spa procedures. One or two days are enough and I am full of energy again.

– What do you like doing most of all except creating jewelry crowns?
– My second education is a singer, so I consider singing an important part of my life. I try to find time for singing at home or at a karaoke pub. Sometimes I perform on the Moscow jazz scene.

– How do you relax?
– I usually have a vacation with my family. But even during the holidays I try to find a creative activity for myself. Taking beautiful memorable photos in the collection of my images can be a great alternative.

– How to gain strength in order to conquer new things?
– My inner fire gives me strength for conquering new tops in my life. A big love for my homeland, people, faith and support of my family, parents and friends, as well as pleasure I get from my work and finally my best partners help me to keep it. First of all I create for people and when I receive rave reviews concerning my work from numerous fans, I understand that I am going the right way. My work is a source of pleasure for people and this is the right way to success. This gives me the strength to go forward, develop, create new, unique things.

– What do you do first when you go on vacation? What do you pay attention to when you get to a new city or a new country?
– If I plan my vacation abroad, I will study the natural and cultural features of the country where I am going to fly, as well as its historical places. After all, I have to embark on at least one creative project during the vacation. It has recently become interesting for me to show my vision of the world from the perspective of Russia. I try to combine Russian culture and the natural features and culture of other countries in my images. This way I express my respect and gratitude to the host country and reflect it in my images and photos. The same thing happens when I come to a new place in Russia. This is a great opportunity to feel the atmosphere, culture and show all of it in my works. That is why when I get to a new city or a new country I pay attention to its cultural and natural features, communicate with the locals, try to grasp their behavior, understand the mentality and also look for suitable locations for shooting.

– You take good care of your skin and figure. Could you give some advice to our readers how to achieve the same result?
– First of all, love of oneself, an internal harmony and happiness make woman beautiful. I managed to save my natural beauty without injections and plastic surgeries. Yes, appearance requires more and more care with each passing year: this is nutrition, exercises, various cosmetic procedures (only naturally-occurring compounds), working with the organism as a whole. It is necessary to be self-disciplined, persistent and hardworking but it’s worth every penny.
Concerning all modern achievements in the cosmetology and plastic surgery, of course, it works and someone needs it. But I strongly prefer natural beauty without plastic surgeries and injections. I am also highly interested in the latest scientific developments in the field of cosmetology and I work with proprietary methods aimed at preserving and maintaining natural beauty.

– You are the owner of numerous beauty titles, singer, model, business woman, the owner of an international brand that is very popular in Russia. What is the secret of such tremendous success?
– The secret is that I have never considered my work and creative hobbies to be something special. I have always understood that whatever I do, I am obliged to do my best with maximum dedication. I appreciate my parents for my education. From my early years I am accustomed to working hard and constantly developing. The secret of my story, my merits and achievements is just the result of tremendous work, time investment and a great love for what I am doing.

– Wish something to our readers.
– Believe in your dream, even the most cherished one, and be faithful to it. Set big goals and go for it. If we started dreaming about something, then our dream would have its place to be. Who shall it be if not us, to bring something new, individual and unique to the world? Be generous! Share a part of your uniqueness!

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