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  • My way to success. My path to the stars.

– You can be seen on the glossy pages of the magazines and the most fashionable publications wants to interview you. So what is the secret of your popularity?
– I think that we have just the same interests with these magazines. Each magazine by itself is a set of pictures. I really like to be a photo model and admire shooting process. This is my hobby, my passion. In general, any person’s life is interesting and when it is combined with beautiful pictures, it really becomes a story for the magazine. Therefore, our tastes and interests just matched. Everything started because of one of my friends. She was an owner of a magazine and offered me to have the first cover there. And step by step I became noticed and recognized. Various publications began to offer me working with them.
I really like this process, so we efficiently work together with great pleasure. I hope it is mutual (laughing).

– Are you often dissatisfied with yourself?
– Maybe I say yes. It is about my discipline and appearance. I tend to be too critical to myself. If you are in a process of self-improvement, it’s a long way to the body perfection and spirit encouraging, and you will always be critical of this. It is so because you are always looking for something else to be improved. But this is absolutely contrary to the practices that I do if we are talking about spiritual development.
These practices say that you need to accept yourself as you are and be simply grateful for your being here and for your appearance. I just love this process which includes fashion, beauty, femininity, photo shooting, so it’s easy for me to change something in myself and just wish be better. And my critical attitude to myself is a side effect of this (laughing). So the situation is clear for now and then we’ll take it from there.

– What are the most incredible wishes that came true?
– In general, all my wishes come true very quickly. And they are not incredible, but it is incredible how fast and in what way all of them came true. It always surprises me. My desires always come true, it does not even take long, and always better than I can even imagine. I remember one my wish, I’ll tell you this story. When I was 25 years old I had a dream to go to Hollywood and study acting there. Hollywood was my burning desire, the gateway to paradise. I imagined it this way. And my dream came true. I did not do it deliberately. I finished with honors the course of a TV and radio presenter at the Ostankino School of Television. After that several people were offered (in my opinion 12 students from entire class) to go to Los Angeles and take a training course there. That’s how I got there. I had an opportunity to see the whole industry from the inside. Of course I got a chance to stay there longer and fulfill own ambitions. But as it turned out in reality it was not so cool and not always so interesting.

Sometimes you need to forget about your principles. There were a lot of traps in different moments of my life. First of all it was much more difficult for foreigners. They do not have fluent English and speak with accent. But over time everything has changed. At that period of time I have already had a family and 2 children. As a result, I have preferred my dearest people to career. So I have continued my activity related to television and magazines in Moscow.

– What are your top 5 beauty procedures in the beauty salons?
– Massage is my number one. A deep tissue massage sometimes replaces sport, jogging and relaxation. This is a very useful activity. The next position is scrubbing and body wrapping. First you need to do scrubbing in order to help your skin to absorb the beauty product well. This will help the pores to open and breathe. Third and fourth places are manicure and pedicure.

It goes without saying because it is already a necessity. Next goes my beautician. He makes me moisturizing masks and peelings. These procedures must be done regularly and only then will they have effect. All these procedures are essentially important for each woman like brushing teeth in the morning. Still, you can try something new: different cosmological procedures and plasmolifting, but massages, body wrapping, masks, manicure and pedicure are essential and nowhere without them.

– You are the mother of two beautiful kids. Tell us about them. What are they keen on?
– The eldest son, Oscar, is 21 years old. He’s finished the drama school and is fond of everything related to acting and creativity. These are shooting, music and programming. He plays musical instruments very well because he has a good ear. Therefore, he prefers everything related to creativity and personal expression.
The middle son, Mark, is 14. He is studying in Boston. He likes economics, but at the same time he is a very sporty boy. He loves basketball and football.

And I have a daughter, Felicia-Victoria, she is 7. She is studying in Miami. This is a well-rounded child. She loves swimming, sport, theater, music, dancing, singing, drawing, design. She is simply a symphony of talents. She also tries to cook. My little girl gets well with other children. As you understand she is full of energy.

– Felicia is a real model. She is small but so professional in posing. If your daughter connected her life with fashion, would you mind?
– No, I would not. I think that she should connect her life with something she really likes and where she can expresses herself. I believe that there are no wrong professions. Each job gives you a possibility to find a way to express yourself creatively. The world of fashion is tremendous. These are designers, buyers, models. Many girls started as models but then worked as fashion or interior designers. For me the world of fashion is everything that concerns beauty and the expression of own personality. It is a beautiful world. And if she found herself in it, I would be happy. It’s important for me that my daughter finds herself in this world. And in which way, how and where, it is a secondary matter.

– What are your plans for this autumn?
– Now all my thoughts are about education. My two younger children are studying. Mark is in the 8th grade and Felicia is in the first. It is a total fuss. Kids are adapting to their teachers and classes at school. September is a difficult month. In fall I really like to visit some relaxing places of recreation. 3 years ago I discovered Ustinova Health Center. Since then every autumn I try to go there in order to detox the system after summertime and prepare it for the winter period.

Our whole family except Felicia went there. Everyone has excellent results and tests. Health is really getting better. People lose weight, a lot of energy appears and the effect of rejuvenation can be really felt. A trip there is now a must-have program for our family. In autumn everyone returns from summer traveling or vacations and you can finally meet your friends and share bright impressions. It is a great time to discuss some plans for the future. Autumn is a family time for me.

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