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From a rebel to a creator: Stepan Menshchikov

From a rebel to a creator: Stepan Menshchikov

He is a famous showman, one of the most prominent participants in the TV show “House 2”, a TV presenter, a popular singer. Charismatic, professional, loved by millions.

– How can you describe your school years? Would you like to hear the school bell again?
– My school years were happy. Everyone wanted to study there and I went to school to hang out. You know, every class has two rebels that prevent whole kids from going to school? One of these two was me! And if we could imagine for a moment that I’m returning at that time, with my intellect and experience, I would say thanks to my class teacher, a teacher of Physics, who asked me, a 14-year-old boy, “Don’t you have better pants to wear?!” Thanks a lot, my dear Elena Fedorovna, because of these words now I have so many clothes that Kolya Baskov can envy!
Yes, one thing concerning the bell. I often go to the school in Moscow, where I used to work as a head teacher and sometimes I give there a charity concerts. I hear a bell for a break and like Pavlov’s dog I have a reflex to run to the canteen! (laughing)

– What is your dream?
– My dream is my goal! A big goal! Our goal is to conquer the world with songs that we perform with tenderness, affection and love!

– If you could go back in time and change an event, would you change something?
– Children, catch the idea: «Do not change anything! Be grateful for everything that happened to you in this life!»

“In my younger years we gathered with other families and it was very cool and funny. We were children and read poetry. We entertained adults and we were happy…”

– You are a very positive and optimistic person. How do you manage to maintain a positive attitude to life?
– Sleep as much as you want, eat as much as you want, do what you love, love people you like and do sports!

– What is your «paradise» place to relax?
– My family at my home!

– What is happiness for you?
– The greatest happiness is doing my favorite thing, sing songs, have holidays. My children, my family, my friends are my world.

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